The luckiest.

That's how it is in life: you have some people who don't have to work for anything; they take it all for granted and never realize how much they truly have until it's all gone. And then you have the people who work their butts off to get the smallest things. But, in the end, those are the stronger people, the people who will get so much more out of the JOURNEY with their dog. They may end up with less titles and "accomplishments" than others, but what they get out of that journey will be so much more compared to those who have gotten it all... gotten it all without the patience, time, effort, work, strength, and lessons learned in the background.

And it's those people who work for it all, who work their butts off to overcome the smallest things, that are the ones truly the most honored. The most honored to have been on such a journey that will eventually lead to success, but not just any type of success. The best, the sweetest type of success that will have so much more meaning than the success reached by "the luckier." So remember that, my dear friend, next time you feel like giving up, next time you feel like you're going no where... Remember that the next time you ask yourself, "Why can't I be half as lucky as them?" In the end, it's you who is gonna be stronger than the rest of them. It's you who is going to get the most out of the journey. It's YOU who is truly going to be the luckiest of them all. And it's all thanks to your "problem dog" to have taught you all this, to have made you so much more stronger, to have helped you get so much more out of the Journey than the rest of them. It's all thanks to that single dog to have made you...

the luckiest.


  1. Chrissy, this was absolutely beautiful. I couldn't have said it better myself, you brought tears to my eyes :)