So basically, I'm quite excited.

Finally got some vibram fivefingers!
Love them so far, very excited to see how the trial this weekend goes with these!

So awesome.
Crossing my fingers that they will work out with my sensitive feet that have been quite anti- normal shoes recently. ahh


  1. ZOMG VIBRAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hehe they rock, love the colors <3
    p.s. miss you girly, it's been what, two days? /sigh

  2. I'm jealousss!!
    I always go barefoot, so I probably just invest in getting some. Sweet color choice, btw!
    What do they feel like, do you like them?!

  3. Thanks!!

    Jessica, so far I love them. Haven't had them very long yet, but they have worked perfectly for agility in the backyard, running up at the field, and then at our most recent trial on turf. My feet were just a little sore after the trial, but it was nothing compared to how they were after tennis shoes.

    Basically feels just like running barefoot with just more protection. Would highly recommend since not only have they worked nicely for me, but I know quite a few other people who LOVE their vibrams as well!

  4. dude wtf, why doesn't blogger notify me when people reply!
    my yard is completely shaded so there's like patches of grass, weeds and mud, lol. so my feet are always brown after playing with the dogs.

    and my legs/ankles always get soo sore after a day of trialing. maybe i'll have to add this to my birthday list, since i'm completely broke! and to my understanding the vibrams aren't cheap