Happy 6th Birthday Arlo!

I started to make his birthday video a few months ago, but then just a couple days ago, totally deleted it and started over. That one, like all past birthday videos I've done for Arlo, always seem to have such a sad side to it. Our past has been filled with so many challenges and sad moments, but it's also been filled of moments that are simply incredible and come at the times I needed most to have my breath taken away, and hope revived. In this video I wanted to celebrate those moments, and not all those others. The others are just apart of life, just apart of the roller coaster I've been on from the start with this dog. It's one that I have no regrets taking however, and it has truly made me one of the luckiest people alive.

I love this dog so, so much. There's so much more to this angel than any of you know. He's truly an incredible dog. He might not be the fastest or the most agile, but I don't care. He's healthy, happy, and truly loves life, and that's what means the most to me. We've stuck together through it all, the past is the past and there's nothing we can do about it; all we can do is just live our future to the fullest and never waste a day of our lives. Smile when we're not supposed to laugh. Cry when we're supposed to hold it back. And live like the sky is burning out of the sky, because tomorrow's too late so let's not ever waste a day of our lives.

You never know when your dog can be taken away from you. It could happen in just a blink of an eye, so don't you ever take a moment for granted. It's not going to be ribbons and titles and all that other stuff that's going to continue to last-- it's the love and bond between your dog, the lessons learned, that will continue to be apart of who you are.

So happy birthday big guy. I'll never leave your side no matter what it takes or how many struggles we face. Thank you for this roller coaster, for teaching me so, so much more than anyone else ever has in both training and life lessons, and for truly making me... the luckiest. I love you so much; forever and on. Here's to many more!

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