CPE 11/9-10/13

Lots of CPE fun this past weekend!

Arlo had a perfect weekend and went 6/6! He was simply amazing this weekend... he was so, so happy and had a huge smile on his face for all of his runs. So much fun to run with this dog, he amazes me more and more as time goes on :) Here's the video of my phenomenal boy:

This was Splash's very first trial back from her injury, so we took it easy. I decided to jump her 12" and not do any contacts (other than one dogwalk, taken veerrryy slowly). She was ECSTATIC to be back! And was definitely quite the wild child. :) She went 5/6, her NQ being Jackpot (a-frame was required, we skipped it). We were a little out of sync with her at 12" so I decided to upload a highlight video (+ a couple of my favorite runs in full) this time. I'm just so glad she's back and is looking sound!

Love both of these dogs SO much. ♥ Another trial this weekend!

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