CPE 8/4/13

Yesterday, Arlo and I went to Quad City Dog Center for a CPE trial!

We just went one day, because Splash wasn't able to come along. She overstretched a tendon in her wrist last Sunday and has been in crate rest since. She's actually doing a lot better, but I didn't want to take the risk of running her this trial.

Apparently she thought if she was really cute and stayed next to the trial bag, she would get to come too. Sorry, Splash. (And believe me, it was HARD to leave her in the morning.)

The trial actually went surprisingly well! I wasn't sure what to expect since we've never not had Splash along. However, Arlo made the trip worth it and had a wonderful day!

He qualified in Jumpers, Standard, and Snooker. Fullhouse was very very close, and if I hadn't changed my plan, we would have gotten it. :( Still a good run! 

More importantly though, Arlo was a happy, motivated, and stress-free dog at the trial! His behavior was absolutely perfect. It was very nice to have some one-on-one time with my boy also. :) Very glad I decided to still go to the trial!

Here is a video of highlights from this trial and the one last month:

"Don't ever look back, they'll tear us apart if you give them the chance." 

Love this dog so much!


  1. that's such a gorgeous picture of Arlo :) aww I miss you guys so much. He looks so happy :)