CPE Debut!

Both dogs did WONDERFUL at their CPE trial!

Splash and I really clicked this weekend, and all of our runs felt awesome! I absolutely adore running this dog. She's the best. :) She went 10/10! Here's her trial video:

Arlo was a really good boy this weekend as well! He was a little tired on Sunday, but we learned some valuable lessons with this trial. Still, he had some very nice runs this weekend and went 5/8. :) Here's my two favorite runs with him for the weekend:

After the trial Saturday, I spent the evening with my friend, Erika. We went to Perkins and then a nearby park to walk on some gorgeous trails and play some "tree agility." The dogs had a blast! (Unfortunately, no pictures because I left my camera at the hotel.)

All in all, the trial was so fun! I love everything about CPE. The people, the courses, what it offers for both dogs. I felt more in tune with Splash than I have in a long time and Arlo had a giant smile on his face during the whole trial. Can't wait for more CPE fun next month!

(Picture completely unrelated to agility, but still cool. We see the neatest things during our trial travels.:))

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