Updates and such

Since I last posted, we've done a lot! So here's a brief wrap up...

First, we got to play in AKC some last fall. It was fun, I liked the challenges, and my two really enjoyed the courses. In two trials, both Splash and Arlo earned their way into open (Splash even had the chance to run an open JWW course beautifully!) You can see their videos here: Splash AKC debut, Splash's 2nd AKC trial, and Arlo AKC highlights.

Then we took our usual winter break, and came back this spring with a Tori Self seminar! I had a blast running the courses with Splash. She was a great girlie and stayed very in tune with my handling. Tori is a wonderful instructor, and I learned a lot from the experience. Plus I met some very talented fellow juniors! It was a great time.

Since the seminar, we really haven't done too much agility-wise other than weekly classes and playing around in the backyard. I do have some clips, which I'll upload once I have enough to make a video! I've been especially impressed with Arlo. He's running better than ever before and is loving it, and it makes me so happy to see! Otherwise, we've been spending a lot of time in forests and enjoying the beautiful spring weather:)

As far as trials? Even though our time in AKC just started, I think we are going to try something new now. After being waitlisted for a couple AKC trials already this year and thinking about the pros/cons of other venues, I think we'll try CPE. Splash gets to have more runs a day (5 rather than 2 in AKC... which she wasn't happy with), and I think Arlo will be happier with the courses (he loved the AKC courses, NADAC not so much). CPE seems to have some of the best things of AKC and NADAC combined. We have a few trials planned already; really looking forward to it!


  1. No NADAC championships this year? It was so fun to see your runs from 2011 :)

    1. Aw thanks! And nope, not this year. :( We've taken a break from NADAC simply because my older dog doesn't enjoy it as much. I had so much fun in 2011 though, so I might try to go again if it's in Springfield another year. :)